Thank you everyone for making the International Wushu Trail Blazer Championship 2013 a blazing success! It was a great time of sportsmanship for one and all. Everyone left with awesome memories and new friends.

STLETTERstc We're happy to announce that from ticket sales, we have raised a sizable sum for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. This would not have been possible without YOU and we would like to extend a generous thanks to our all Wushu Friends, Parents and Participants for your support as each and everyone is an integral member of the Wushu family.

See you again in a bigger, more adrenaline charged 2015!

In the mean time look out for our event photos and videos coming your way soon!
Just as a stool requires three legs to stand upright so a Wushu expert must cultivate basic skills, meaningful forms, and effective sparring in order to have both feet firmly planted in the art...You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them!
About Trail Blazer Cup Championship

Singapore International Wushu, Trail Blazer Championship 2013, promises a spectacular showmanship event that delivers great values to all Wushu participants and Sponsors. The event promises a spectacular profiles of international Wushu sportsmen from different Asian countries gathering under one roof for a 3-days event of Wushu exchange and competition. Recognized in their own rights and categories of Wushu, these highly recognized Wushu sportsmen will be pitting their skills against each other to win the various Wushu categories titles in 47 categories competition.

Organized in a concise manner, this event will be a stunning display of Wushu talents and expertise never seen before in Singapore. The dazzling display of Wushu expertise in the competition will be an eye opening moment for Singapore, its sponsors, guests and audiences. Expect an extravagrant showmanship of highly skilled Wushu Masters from China, specially invited to grace this international event. This is a unique opportunity for inspiring Wushu practitioners to interact and learn from the Wushu Masters in the Mastery Clinics. On the last day of the event, all audiences will be treated to a breathtaking Wushu Grand Performances for the closing Ceremony Celebration. Get ready for a top quality sporting entertainment never seen before here in Singapore!

Wushu Trail Blazer Invite

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Past Performances

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Join us for an exciting time to watch all the international Wushu participants in action, competing in 47 categories & an all day Wushu Clinics with the Masters.



Network and learn from Wushu Trail Blazer’s Ambassadors renowned for their expertise and their achievements in the Wushu arts. Check out their profiles and sign up for a time with them in Wushu Clinics!



Are you looking to exchange a few strokes and meet other fellow Wushu practitioners? Then this is one event not to be missed as you mingle, learn and exchange with other likeminded practitioners. Register now as !



Wushu Trail Blazer promises to be an international event drawing a huge crowd of participants and audiences, a wonderful opportunity for companies to share their services. Speak to us today.

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